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Rules & Guidelines

This is a 20in20 community dedicated to the genre horror of movie and TV. Each month you will have a new round to create a set of 20 Horror genre icons within 20 days.

List of Acceptable Horror Shows & Movies

Horror Television
Horror Anime
Horror Films

The Rules

'There are certain RULES that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie.'

• You must choose one character/movie/tv show/actor/actress/ect from the Horror movie genre to make 20 icons with. Of course unless the sing-up post says so. Anything within the Horror genre is pretty much fair game. Not sure? Just ask!
• The same claim cannot be selected more than once. You can only enter once, using one claim ever other month.
• All icons must be made specifically for this community. No prior work may be submitted. They need to be NEW.
• All icon posts must be made public! So as members do not have to join or friend your community/journal just to see your icon post.
• If you participate, please take the time to leave a comment on others entries if you can.
• Please vote without bias! Only vote on the quality of the icon. Not because you like the claim subject or the maker.
• They must be made in LiveJournal standard format. Dimensions - 100x100px and either .png, .gif or .jpg.


You can claim a movie, TV show, species, character, actor, actress or anything related to the genre horror.

Themes - This set will include 10 icons, and will be mixed and altered each round. They will consist of Owner and members suggestions.

Category- The category set will have something in common within the 5 icons. Examples: Panorama, favorite photoshoots, body parts, textures, ect...

Artists Choice - 5 icons of your choice of your claim! Be creative, do what you what ever you like here.

Voting - Voting will be done at the end of the deadline, during the week after. It will be done in separate posts if we have a lot of participants.

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Round 03
Deadline -

Deadline - Your sets are due ------, 2017 by 11:59 PM in your time zone.


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