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Please read these rules as well as the information before signing up.


• Sign-ups will be open until the end of the round.
• You must be a member of the community.
Please do not post your icons to this post. Please make sure to post and submit it to the
community. Read and use the guidelines below.
• For this round, it is a Free Round. So you can claim anything horror related. If you are unsure what you want to claim would be considered Horror just look here. If it is not in any of those lists, please comment below or pm me and ask.
• No claim can be chosen more than two times.
• Posting is moderated, once your post is submitted please await approval. If your post has not yet been approved within 48 hours please contact me or comment to this post.

Themes will be posted Friday, April 28th. Sign ups will remain open for the entire duration of this round or will close when we reach 15 participants.

Ladyofleithian Jamie Lloyd USA Completed
Emmatheslayer Scream Franchise ? Completed
Mooseygirl Friday the 13th (2OO9) Canada Dropped
Goonies Jeepers Creepers USA Pending
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Please Use the form below to sign-up. Be sure to fill it all out correctly. Just right click, copy and paste into a comment below and fill out.

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(no subject)

Date: 2017-04-24 07:17 am (UTC)
ladyofleithian: (Long since I had hope...)
From: [personal profile] ladyofleithian
Username: ladyofleithian
Claim: Jamie Lloyd
Country: United States
Suggestions (Optional): favorite scene
Where You Will Post Your Icons: Dreamwidth

(no subject)

Date: 2017-04-24 03:03 pm (UTC)
emmatheslayer: (Default)
From: [personal profile] emmatheslayer
Claim:Scream the movies not sure I can do all 4 movies if not just scream one but I was hoping I could do all 4
Suggestions (optional):blood, running weapons
Where you will post your icons: live journal and will cross post

(no subject)

Date: 2017-04-25 05:15 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ex_mooseygirl256
Username: [personal profile] mooseygirl
Claim: Friday the 13th (2OO9)
Country: Canada
Suggestions: blood, favorite scene, horizontal levels, horror2Oin2O, plus one.
Where you will post your icons: A three icons preview is going to be posted on here, at [community profile] horror20in20, but the rest of the batch will be located my own icons community, [community profile] moosies. :)
Edited Date: 2017-04-25 05:17 am (UTC)

(no subject)

Date: 2017-04-25 05:23 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ex_mooseygirl256
Thank you. And, you are welcome. I cannot wait to see what the themes will be. :)
Edited Date: 2017-04-25 05:24 am (UTC)

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